Reasons to Use Interior Wall Cladding

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Reasons to Use Interior Wall Cladding

Wall cladding can be used in many settings whether commercial or residential. And these can be used on the exterior as well as the interior. When it comes to interior wall cladding, you will be able to achieve an elegant appearance and create a point of interest in key areas such as lobbies, reception, common areas etc.

Many people tend to consider interior wall cladding as an additional cost in a project budget but there are many ways you can benefit from it. You can actually consider it an investment instead of an expense. This is also an innovative way of decorating an interior space without relying on traditional decorating methods. Wall cladding can be used anywhere you want and the great thing is it is extremely resistant to many issues that wall finishes can face. Some examples are cracking, showing hand imprints on the surface, food stains and spills.

Wall cladding is very easy to clean and they are highly resistant to scratches and stains. These will last a long time and will retain their original appearance as they are resistant to water and scratches. Installation of wall cladding is quite easy compared to many other wall finishing methods. For example, you will need to work multiple layers when creating a cemented wall and it will also take a long time to do it. But with wall cladding, you can easily have it installed in a short time and it is a wall finish that is very easy to repair. You will also be able to find relevant hardware for interior cladding when you purchase from Baresque Interior Design Solutions.

And in addition to creating a nice feature wall, there are other functional benefits to interior cladding as well. For example, it will act as thermal insulation to the building further improving the energy efficiency of the building. You will find a noticeable difference in the temperature inside and outside the building once you install wall cladding. This is due to the air gap between the wall and the cladding. And this will help you reduce utility bills as well because the insulation can actually reduce the strain on your heating or cooling system. Many wall cladding options are water resistant which alludes to their durability.

And many times when it comes to certain walls, you may suffer from seepage or water leakage. Installing interior wall cladding can help prevent the growth of mould if you have such a situation. Because there are so many interior wall cladding options in the market, you will be able to find something in your price range. They are not as expensive as you may think and it is actually cheaper than using tile or brick on walls due to the ease of instalment. So this is a great option for both commercial and residential applications. And there is a high level of versatility when using this product. You can fit them in horizontally or vertically and even mix and match.