Must Haves for Every Boat Owner

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Must Haves for Every Boat Owner

Whether you are a fishing fan or a lover of water adventures, your boat needs to be equipped with the right tools and gadgets. These are not just to make your boat look unique and reflect your boating life but also to ensure safety and follow the local guidelines regarding water activities. Keep reading the list below to see some of the most essential equipment you need to invest in.

First Aid Box

Although no one goes into the water expecting an accident, it is still useful to be prepared with some basic first aid. Make sure your vessel has a first aid box in it and make sure that everyone aboard knows where it is.

This way anyone can use it if the need comes. Some of the basics you can have in your box are antiseptics, tapes, and Band-Aid, cotton, and medication packets.  For a boat, you will need a box that can be sealed tight so that the contents inside will stay dry. You can secure them using zip lock bags for extra protection.

Personal Floating Device

Safety on board is all about being prepared for risks. Just like the first aid box, life jackets and other personal floating devices are there to protect in case an accident happens. Life jackets, of course, have to be worn by everyone who comes on board.

In case someone falls over, the jacket will keep them from drowning. A personal floating device can give you more buoyancy to stay afloat and can keep even the unconscious people face-up if they ever fall overboard. These safety items are easily available at any store with boating accessories so you don’t have to look far for them.

Communication Devices

A communication device to contact the necessary authorities and extra help is essential when you are heading into the water. Sometimes you may experience unexpected weather such as strong winds or storms; sometimes it could be a medical emergency that requires more expertise than first aid. Whatever the reason is, it is essential to be prepared to communicate with the land. Have a working phone with you all the time.

However, don’t depend on the phone completely as it might be difficult to communicate using the phone if you are at a significant distance away from the shore. Therefore, along with a phone, also make sure to have a marine radio-ready for better message sending.

Signalling Equipment

Signalling equipments are the devices that will help you communicate with authorities and other nearby boats if your communication devices fail. This equipment helps you to send distress signals in case of emergencies. These include devices such as handhelds flares, a blow horn, gun flares, whistles, Pyrotechnic orange smoke, a piece of glass, and radar reflectors.  They can let others know of the location of your boat through loud sounds, flares, smoke, or dye.

Tool Kit

While you don’t have to have expert knowledge in using tools and repairing boats, it is still useful to have knowledge in fixing small issues that might arise while you are in the water. Have a tool kit with some basic tools such as tapes, wrench, pliers, nuts, and bolts in a couple of different sizes, etc. These will help you to do minor repairs and continue your journey without any worries. Like your first aid, keep your tools stored in a sealed box that is waterproof.

Having the essential tools and devices with you will help you to have a journey without trouble. You will be confident about the journey and can sail with the assurance that you are prepared for any emergency.

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