Different House Extension Options to Explore

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Different House Extension Options to Explore

If you need more space at home or simply want to increase the functionality of your current space, extending your house is a better option than moving into a new one. There’s no need to adjust your lifestyle unlike when you transfer into a different place. It would be just like your old home but more improved to better suit you and your family’s needs.

If you’re considering a house extension, there are actually plenty of options to choose from depending on which one suits your needs best. Here are the 5 house extension options you could explore.

Side Extension

If you have a pathway or alley along the side of your house, most likely this space isn’t utilized much and just becomes a storage space for different kinds of stuff. Make the most of this space by having a side return extension instead. Although it is not that wide, this extension type runs through the whole length of the room, making a really big difference in added space inside. You could make up for the lost windows by having roof lights instead so you could still let natural into your home.

Rear Extension

As the name suggests, this type of extension is done at the back part of the house. It is usually done if you have more yard space at the back, to add more indoor living space. Building a rear extension could take around 3 to 6 months depending on how big the space you want. Rear extensions are perfect if you want to add a living room space, extra bedrooms, or anything that would increase the capacity of your home.

Wrap Around

A combination of the side and rear extension is the wrap around extension. If you need a dramatic increase in your home’s living space, a wrap-around extension is what you need. You’ll get to expand almost every room in your home, giving everyone more space that they need. You’ll get to enjoy bigger living room areas, kitchen and dining in one space, and all other perks. Wrap around extension is a big project and you need to prepare much budget to complete it.

Two-Storey Extensions

Two-storey or two level extensions are unlike the other previous three extension types. Instead of building new foundations on the ground, you’ll create a new space on top of your current home. Unlike other extension types, this one yields a lot more space since you could double your living space with only half the cost of a single storey house.

This is perfect if your family really needs more space to accommodate the added space needs. However, two-storey extensions usually need a permit before you could build one so it is another factor to be considered before starting this project type.

If you want to add more space into your home, consider a house extension. Consult with an expert first to know which type of extension suits your needs and budget as well and make the best decision.

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