Benefits of Concrete Scanning and Structural Imaging

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Benefits of Concrete Scanning and Structural Imaging

There are many testing techniques that are used to evaluate the integrity and condition of concrete structures. Two common methods that are used to achieve this are concrete scanning and structural imaging. There is specialised equipment used to do this so that you can get access to images of the concrete internal structure. This is a great way of detecting defects and weak areas in the concrete.

Failure of the building or structure can be prevented by carrying out concrete scanning Brisbane. You will be able to determine any damage or defects in the concrete. These damages can occur during the construction stage or in the post construction stage as a result of environmental factors such as moisture and changes in temperate. Some of the methods used to determine these defects are magnetic imaging and ground penetrating radar. These testing techniques create an image that can be evaluated by the engineers for any defects in the structure. This is instrumental in determining the extent of the damage. Once you have a good idea of where the weakness or damage is and the nature of damage, you will be able to come up with ways to repair the structure or make a decision on replacing the structure. It’s important to take these decisions at the first stages of construction as it can save a lot of time and money. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired project outcomes.

You will be able to comply with local area building codes and regulations when you carry out concrete scanning. And this allows you to extend the lifetime of the structure. However, it is important that you select a reliable and reputed company to carry out scanning services as everything is hinging on the accuracy of the results provided. Some of the concrete structures where you can detect damage using these scanning techniques are floors, foundations and walls. You can also identify where certain objects such as rebar, electrical cables and pipes are located in the concrete with structural imaging. This way, you can carry out repair work without damaging any of the plumbing or electrical systems. This allows you to carry out repairs and additions even after construction. While you will have drawings for the location of these objects, structural imaging can guarantee that you don’t damage any of them.

Concrete testing can be used for quality control and quality assurance. You need to carry out these scans ad imaging regularly to ensure that the concrete has the required strength and durability to maintain its purpose. And the best this about concrete scanning services is that it is a non-destructive testing technique which means that you don’t need to damage the structure. Traditionally, the information obtained from concrete scanning came from drilling or coring but it damaged the structure requiring repairs that come with added cost. You will also be able to enjoy minimum downtime with these techniques. Therefore scanning and structural imaging increases the efficiency of the construction project.