5 things you can start today to create a brighter financial future

Written by Goran Velevski

Planning for financial freedom may seem daunting or that task that never quite makes it to the top of the forever growing “to do list” but whether you are drowning in debt or a thriving investor doing nothing is always going to give you nothing.

One of the most well know Chinese proverbs is “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

So, what could the first step on your thousand mile journey look like? We’ve put together five simple things you CAN START TODAY, that can make a positive impact on your financial future.


Create a budget

Spending more than you earn is a slow and steady slope towards financial ruin. Creating your desired budget will help you track, limit, and modify your expenses. It doesn’t have to a complex one – the important thing is that you stick to it. Read more about budgeting here.


Get your debt under control

Prioritise your most expensive debt such as high interest-charging credit cards or student loans. For long-term payments like house/car mortgage, pay extra if you can afford it. This can be made possible (or easier) if you slowly cut back or completely eliminate lifestyle debt.


Start saving on a regular basis

No matter how big or small your salary is you have to set savings goals and steadily work towards them.

This will help you get through the tough times without relying on credit. It may even help you achieve retirement without delay or difficulty.


Set up passive income streams

Finding a way to make extra money without quitting your day job can help a lot in supplementing your annual income. It might be slow and laborious at first, but it will soon lead to helping you earn above the average living wage.


Invest in yourself

Use the money you’ve saved to pick up a skill and master it.

TIP: make sure it’s something that you love and can be turned into a money-making opportunity.


It’s never too early (or too late) to start doing things right away – especially if these decisions can have direct impact on your financial future.

Incorporating these five things in your life today can make an enormous difference between being financially healthy or struggling financially.

If you prefer the guided support of an expert speak to our advisers today about creating your own unique plan tailored to your goals and needs.


Financial Adviser
Goran Velevski 

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