What to Know About Box Mods?

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What to Know About Box Mods?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are very popular among the younger generation and also people that are trying to quit smoking. There are many different types of e-cigarettes and in this article we are focusing on the box mod. As the name suggests, this e-cigarette is a compact square design and you can customise it according to your requirements.

A box mod vape looks different from traditional e-cigarette models. These are generally square or rectangular and they can usually hold more than one rechargeable battery. You can also customise some of the settings using a smart card or a chipset. There are also pre-set parameters such as temperature, power and intensity or voltage. There is a high level of versatility when it comes to box mods and this is the number one reason they are so popular.

And you can use many varieties of atomizers with a box mod due to the flexibility offered by the shape of the box mod. But you have to be careful when selecting atomisers or clearomisers as your box mod will only be compatible with some. However, you will have a wider variety of options compared to tube mod users. You can choose a brand and model for the battery but make sure you choose high quality batteries that can last you a long time and give better performance.

The functions and controls in a tube mod and a box mod are the same. The top of this comes with a screw thread where you will attach the atomiser. If the quality of the screw thread is poor, it will lead to poor conductivity of the device. It is very easy to handle this device as the activation button is at the front. When this is triggered, the resistance coil will heat up inside the atomiser. You need to press the activation button only when the drip-tip in your mouth.

You can release the activation button after you have taken a puff. Many box mods come with a screen that will show the settings and you can use buttons located under the screen to change the settings as you wish. Some of the information displayed on the screen are remaining battery life, power, temperature, voltage and resistance values. You can also opt for box mods that provide more advanced functions such as letting you know puff duration.

The battery compartment of the box mod will usually hold one or more batteries. But this will usually depend on the model and the brand. There are also box mods that come with a non-removable battery that you can charge with a micro USB cable. There are many choices available when it comes to choosing your first box mod and the first thing you should check when buying is their power.

The benefit of using a box mod is that you can interchange different atomisers, battery types and tanks to get a higher level of personalisation. But the workings of a box mod are similar to other e-cigarettes; the battery will heat up the coil inside the atomiser which is what produces vapour.