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Self-Managed Superannuation Fund – SMSF

It’s the Rest of Your Life

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) are designed to give you more control over how your superannuation can be invested. They are also becoming more popular with Australians who like to make important decisions about their retirement funds. Anne Street Partners Super Solutions employs a team of specialists’ with over 40 years of collective experience in managing and administering SMSFs. It’s this level of experience that allows us to develop a superannuation strategy that suits your requirements, goals and objectives.

Helping You Make the Right Choice

In some cases a SMSF simply won’t suit everybody, so our SMSF team will work directly with your financial adviser to understand your circumstances and assess whether operating this kind of structure suits your requirements. With a greater level of flexibility and power over your superannuation and the ways that you manage it, there is an increased level of obligations that come with it. We have vast experience with helping Australians from every walk of life with simplifying SMSF administration and compliance.

More to Benefit From

A Self-Managed Super Fund can take more time to set-up and run than a conventional fund, but there can be some additional benefits.

More control and flexibility – it’s yours, so you make the investment decisions. Our team can provide guidance to ensure that your investment choices complement your financial goals and your future retirement income streams.  The tax effectiveness of a SMSF can also be increased due to the additional levels of control and flexibility.  Additionally, the investments you choose can be tailored to meet the different stages of your life – from accumulation to income stream phases.

Estate planning – a SMSF can facilitate up to four members in one fund, which means you can allow members of your family to combine investment assets and provide for an effective estate planning approach to retain wealth for both retirement and future generations.

Using a Self-Managed Super Fund gives you the control over your superannuation investment choices

We Remove the Complication

If a SMSF is right for you, we will make setting it up and getting it underway simple. We will handle the set-up for you to ensure you meet regulatory and compliance requirements and we will assist with rolling your existing funds into your SMSF.

In for the Long Haul

Anne Street Partners has been at the forefront of SMSFs in Australia. Since 2008 we have helped hundreds of Australians with the establishment and running of their own SMSF. Because of the increased level of complexity with set-up and administration, you can have confidence in our ability to prepare your fund, lodge the accounts and audit it appropriately.

We are here to help you  – with establishing your legal requirements, fulfilling the regulations and meeting your obligations regarding a SMSF.

We work closely with our experienced tax team – to submit and fulfil all taxation requirements.

We work closely with our financial advice team – to help with any investment recommendations.

We work with fund trustees  – to ensure a smooth operation of a fund and our friendly team are here to answer your questions.

We utilise Banklink software – to reconcile the funds accounts for speedy and thorough compliance requirements.

All our SMSFs are independently audited – giving you confidence over the administration and running of your fund.

Talk to us today about developing a SMSF that’s designed to meet your specific requirements.

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