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You Are Precious Too

Life can change in the blink of an eye. It happens all the time and it can have real consequences for you and your family. Regardless of whether you might have just started your working life, started rising through the ranks, begun a family, got married or are moving towards retirement – the most important element is you. Yet isn’t it funny how we often forget how precious our position to us and our loved ones actually is. Imagine losing the ability to earn an income to support your family and the impact this could have on your life.

This is where having personal insurance as part of your financial plan can give you peace of mind. You might have a great strategy for your finances, but if something was to affect your ability to work, personal insurance is there in your time of need. It’s there to protect you and your family and can help you sustain your standard of living

We understand that choosing the right personal insurance can be easier said than done. There are hundreds of products available and quite often you might already have some cover through your superannuation or employer. This is where an Anne Street Partners Financial Services Risk Specialist will use their expertise to ensure you have the right cover and level of protection for your circumstances.

A Comprehensive Insurance Family

Anne Street Partners offers a range of personal insurance solutions. Your Risk Specialist will select the right product or insurance package for your circumstances, which may include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Total Permanent Disablement Insurance (TPD)
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance

Every good financial strategy should consider personal insurance, it works to protect you and your family

Cover Designed for You

Your circumstances are unique and you’re likely to have specific requirements that need accommodating. Whether you have a family or not, looking to buy a house or renting or simply looking to protect what you’ve spent your life building, everyone requires a level of cover to assist them if something was to happen. Using an Anne Street Partners Risk Specialist takes the hassle and complexity out of any personal insurance product.

Policy and product knowledge – our Risk Specialists have a depth of product and policy understanding that removes unnecessary confusion and complexity from your decision. You can rest easy with the confidence that you receive appropriate cover for your requirements.

Market understanding – Anne Street Partners Risk Specialists know the insurance market. They receive ongoing development, updates and are subjected to rigorous training to ensure you receive a comprehensive insurance solution.

Integrated approach – your Anne Street Partners Risk Specialist is trained to develop a depth of understanding and make recommendations about a level of cover that’s right for you. Not everyone requires a “blanket” type of cover or a high level of protection.

Dynamic reviews – life changes continuously. When it does, your Risk Specialist is here to review your insurance products and level of cover to ensure you remain comprehensively protected.

Seamless Service

Anne Street Partners has been offering personal insurance for over a decade. Our solid relationships with Australia’s most respected and trusted insurance providers deliver you with real benefits that you’ll benefit from immediately.

Preferential processing – our strong relationships with major Australian insurers means you receive faster quotations, faster processing and a high level of service than going it alone.

Underwriters who understand – we work with the underwriters at major Australian insurers so where we need to make provisions to a policy, we talk to them directly.

Claims without the pain – when you make a claim on your insurance, we’re there to assist you through the process. The last thing you require is additional work when you’re ill. Because we implemented your policy, we know what’s required to make a claim and we’re there to make it easier.

Talk to us today about developing an approach to personal insurance that’s designed to meet your specific requirements.

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