How to Use Packing Tape?

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How to Use Packing Tape?

If you are planning to move or if you have a business where you need to seal boxes, cartons etc. packing tape is essential. It is very easy to work with and you can also use it with a tape dispenser for more convenience.

You need to make sure that you are using packing tape and not any other variety of adhesive tape. These will not have the high adhesive properties of packing tape which make it ideal for sealing cartons and boxes. The seal created by packing tape lasts for a long time and you can be assured that the items within the box will not spill out even if they are being jostled during the journey. Using a tape dispenser makes things easier as there will not be any wrinkles when you stretch the packing tape out. Sometimes, improper use of packing tape will cause it to stick to itself which can leave you with a big mess on your hands.

You also need to consider the application to which you need packing tape. There is heavy duty packing tape as well as other types such as vinyl, cross filament, low noise etc. Once you consider the project you need packing tape for, you can select the variety you want. Some of the factors you have to consider are the weight of the contents inside the box, the variety of items you are planning to seal and whether the box will be in indoor or outdoor conditions mostly.

You can find and purchase tapes online and this will give help you find different varieties without having to try different physical shops. When working with pressure sensitive packing tape, you should put sufficient force behind the application for the tape to bond well with the substrate. If you are applying the tape using a hand dispenser, then you have to wipe down the tape with your hand to ensure that it has properly adhered. This is especially important when working with corrugated surfaces.

There are manual and automatic tape dispensers. If you need to use packing tape for commercial purposes or if you are running an e-commerce business where packing tape is heavily used, it is best to purchase an automated dispenser. When using packing tape, you have to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of tape folding over the edge of the box or carton. This will have to be about 2 inches maximum. This ensures a secure seal. You can also increase the tab length depending on the weight of the box.

Another consideration is the amount of tape to be used. Using too much will not give you a better effect and it will create wastage as well. Generally, it is sufficient to have only one strip at the centre of the carton along the seams of the box. The width of the tape should also be sufficient when it comes to the size of the box. If the width is not sufficient, you will need more than one strip for a secure hold.