Here Is Why You Should Choose Timber Flooring?

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Here Is Why You Should Choose Timber Flooring?

The importance of flooring your house cannot be overstated. The ideal flooring should be aesthetically pleasing, blend in with your home's interior design, and be long-lasting. Wooden flooring is becoming more prevalent in luxury residential developments, despite the fact that a greater majority of homeowners prefer tile and marble flooring.

Solid wood floors expand 30 percent more than engineered wood; therefore they must be properly seasoned to allow for this expansion. Solid wood flooring is finished with seven layers of formaldehyde-free acrylic lacquer that is UV-cured to prevent dust accumulation. To get scratch and stain resistant flooring make sure to get them from reliable Australian select timbers store Geelong.

Laminate flooring, on the other hand, provide a wood-like appearance without requiring the use of real wood. It is made out of a moisture-resistant layer underneath a layer of HDF (high-density fiberboard), which gives the flooring a longer life. A high-resolution photographic picture of genuine wood flooring is affixed to the top. The laminate floor offers the appearance of wood flooring at a lower cost and with less upkeep.

Wooden Flooring Installation

Wooden flooring can be installed in one of four ways.

  • Nail Down

Nails are used to secure the wood to the subfloor in this step. This is one of the oldest methods of installing timber floors.

  • Staple Down

Instead of nails, staples are used to secure the wood to the subfloor. This is a less complicated procedure than nail down.

  • Glue Down

This method involves gluing wooden boards to the subfloor. A very powerful adhesive is used to bind the hardwood plank to the subfloor.

  • Floating

Floating is the quickest and most straightforward method of installing timber flooring. Wooden planks are not connected to the subsoil in this procedure; instead, they are adhered together using glue.

Why Go for Wooden Floors?

Aesthetics: The natural grain appearance of wooden flooring adds to the aesthetic appeal of a structure or a space. It provides the inside of the house a luxurious appearance. Wooden flooring complements a variety of interior styles, including modern, classic, and eclectic.

  • Insulator

Because wood flooring is an excellent insulator, it keeps the floor from overheating and cooling. As a result, the floor is always safe to walk on barefoot.

  • Increased Value

When you install wooden flooring, the value of your home (for selling or rental purposes) increases.

  • Less Upkeep

When compared to tiling, wood flooring requires less care once installed.

Wooden flooring has a timeless quality to it that increases with age. Wooden flooring is also more durable because it may last a lifetime and has a lengthy shelf-life. They may also be readily restored without incurring a high expense in the event of minor problems.

It has no fibers, grout lines, or embossing, which can trap dust, pollen, particulates, animal dander, and allergies that are found in carpets. They are a wonderful alternative for interior hygiene. People seldom use carpets for the whole flooring, despite the fact that it is most of the time healthier than carpeting.

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