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Boost Your Super Before the Rules Change

Did you know the amount you can contribute to superannuation will decrease from 1 July 2017? Paying extra into your superannuation now may make a big impact later in retirement. Making before-tax contributions Right now the total amount you can contribute to your superannuation before tax, is capped at: $35,000 per year if you are…

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May 23 2017 Article ByAnne Street Partners

How to Boost Superannuation Savings

For most of us it is likely that our retirement will be the largest financial event of our life and Superannuation, therefore, is an essential element of our retirement savings plan. The logic is simple – the more you contribute now into your fund, the more comfortable your retirement is likely to be, enabling you…

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November 17 2016 Article ByJason Dunn (GM Strategy & Distribution)

SMSF Assets Hit Record High, but Funds Still Hoarding Cash

Too many eggs in cash basket A rise in the number of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) and their assets to all time highs in the June quarter of 2016 highlights the appeal of do-it-yourself investing for many Australians. But SMSFs are still piling a considerable level of money into cash, which may reduce wealth creation…

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October 10 2016 Article ByJason Dunn (GM Strategy & Distribution)

2016 Federal Budget Superannuation Reforms

Are you clear on what non-concessional contributions you can contribute in a year? With the Government abandoning its policy to introduce a $500,000 lifetime cap, in the 2016 Federal Budget, for non-concessional contributions are you clear on what non-concessional contributions you can make to superannuation now? Non-concessional contributions are contributions that are made to super…

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September 26 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

Changes to the Age Pension Rules – Will You Be Affected?

From 1 January 2017 Government changes to the Age Pension are likely to reduce many Age Pensioner recipients’ entitlements. It’s important that you understand how the changes could affect you. Increase in the Assets Test threshold The Assets Test threshold is the amount of assets pensioners can hold before their pension starts to reduce under…

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September 22 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

Government Announces Changes to Superannuation

Today the Government announced significant changes to the proposed superannuation reforms. The key proposals: The $500K lifetime Non-Concessional Contributions (NCC) Cap has been dropped. The Government has instead announced a reduction of the current annual NCC Cap from $180K to $100K from 1 July 2017. This will mean you can continue to contribute NCCs of…

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September 15 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

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