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Life Insurance – Six Events You Need to Insure Against

Australians are drastically underinsured against early death or being forced from work due to illness. Life insurance, is a key component of any financial plan, protecting individuals and their families against the potentially devastating financial impact of an unexpected death, disability or illness. According to statistics from LifeWise, which is administered by the Financial Services…

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October 24 2016 Article ByJason Dunn (GM Strategy & Distribution)

Personal Insurance – How It Can Protect You from the Unexpected

Getting a quality financial plan can be a powerful approach to building a wealth strategy. Now you need to protect it with a solid insurance policy. But why? So what is the point of personal insurance? Put simply, it can help to smooth out some of the unexpected turbulence that life sometimes encounters, just as…

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July 11 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

Insights To Financing Your Property Portfolio

This webinar includes some crucial property investment finance hints, tips and strategies from our experts at Anne Street Partners. It can potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest repayments, help you to minimise risk and ultimately enable you to build a successful and sustainable portfolio. This webinar covers: Fixed vs variable rates – which is right…

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October 14 2015 Article ByAnne Street Partners

Why income protection insurance?

Most people wouldn’t hesitate to take out cover for their new car, but many neglect to cover their earnings potential even though this is worth much more over their lifetime. If you were unable to work due to illness or injury, would your family be able to survive without your income? Would Centrelink benefits provide…

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July 9 2015 Article ByGabrielle Davis (Technical Analyst)

What are the odds?

Some of the most common questions I am asked as a personal insurance specialist are, “Do I really need this cover?” or “What are the chances that I will ever need to make a claim?” Rather than responding with a generalised ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, I usually invite my clients to make the decision for…

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December 3 2014 Article ByAaron Nugent

Life insurance through the ages

Whoever said, ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’, was wrong when it comes to life insurance. While protection against adversity is always wise, your actual needs change as you move through different stages of life. From when you take your first job and go out into the world, life insurance in…

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November 28 2014 Article ByAnne Street Partners

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