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How to Boost Superannuation Savings

For most of us it is likely that our retirement will be the largest financial event of our life and Superannuation, therefore, is an essential element of our retirement savings plan. The logic is simple – the more you contribute now into your fund, the more comfortable your retirement is likely to be, enabling you…

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November 17 2016 Article ByJason Dunn (GM Strategy & Distribution)

Changes to the Age Pension Rules – Will You Be Affected?

From 1 January 2017 Government changes to the Age Pension are likely to reduce many Age Pensioner recipients’ entitlements. It’s important that you understand how the changes could affect you. Increase in the Assets Test threshold The Assets Test threshold is the amount of assets pensioners can hold before their pension starts to reduce under…

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September 22 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

Time to Consider an Exchange Traded Fund to Diversify Your Portfolio?

The exchange-traded products market is growing quickly in Australia as investors realise the value Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) can provide in offering diversified exposure to a variety of asset classes and investment strategies. It’s worth getting to know what some of these benefits are. As at July 31, 2016, there were 139 exchange-traded products (ETPs)…

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September 12 2016 Article ByJason Dunn (GM Strategy & Distribution)

Personal Insurance – How It Can Protect You from the Unexpected

Getting a quality financial plan can be a powerful approach to building a wealth strategy. Now you need to protect it with a solid insurance policy. But why? So what is the point of personal insurance? Put simply, it can help to smooth out some of the unexpected turbulence that life sometimes encounters, just as…

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July 11 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

Economics Report: Chris Caton’s Thoughts on Brexit

“You go your way and I’ll go mine”. As everyone knows by now, Great Britain voted by referendum on 23 June to leave the European Union. The result was clearly a surprise, at least to financial markets. The arguments for leaving seem to come down to dissatisfaction with the laws “imposed” on the UK by…

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July 11 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

Senior Financial Adviser Melbourne, Blyth Staley – Meet the Team

Get to know our Melbourne based Senior Financial Adviser – Blyth Staley. What does your role involve at Anne Street Partners? I work as a Senior Financial Adviser in the Melbourne office, managing a client base who have benefited from the good advice Anne Street Partners offers. I guide clients through investing, protecting themselves and their family…

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April 7 2016 Article ByAnne Street Partners

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